Boat trip to the beaches on island Hvar

Drone picture of bay Didina on island Hvar.

Boat trip information

The boat trip to the island of Hvar is one of the most popular choices for our guests. The island Hvar abounds with a multitude of bays with secluded beaches where you have the opportunity to experience swimming in the crystal clear sea or snorkeling. This is primarily a relaxing trip, suitable for people eager to rest and enjoy the untouched nature. With your request, we recommend local fish restaurants offering a wide selection of fresh fish.


9:00 Start from Podgora

At 9:00 we meet up and slowly start preparing for the trip.  The trip starts with the panoramic ride of the local coast where we can see all the beauty of Makarska riviera towns and popular local beaches.

9:45 Arrival to the island Hvar

At 9:45 we arrive at the first wild bay.  In this bay we have a dock, so we can walk to the beach. We stay at the beach for the next 1 hour and after, we are slowly headed to the next bay.

11:00 Arrival to the next bay

After a beautiful panorama of the coast of the island of Hvar, we arrive at our next destination. We stop in another wild bay, in our opinion one of the best on island Hvar. In this bay we are not able to dock, so the beach is only reachable by swimming. We stop at the anchor and access the water with the ladders on the boat. After one hour of free time, we start heading towards the restaurant.

12:15 Arrival to the restaurant

After 15 minutes we arrive at the local restaurant Pakomina on the island of Hvar. Restaurant Pakomina is famous for its delicious fresh fish, which they mostly buy from lucky local fishermen. We stay for lunch for approximately three hours, and during that time we also have access to the beach which is situated in front of the restaurant.

15:45 Return to mainland

After the restaurant, we have another stop at the mainland. We stop in yet another beautiful natural bay where we have approx. one hour of free time. After the swim, we slowly start heading back towards Podgora.

17:00 Arrival to Podgora

Pricing table

DATE                    DISCOUNTED PRICE
15.05. – 19.06.         216€  (240€)
20.06. – 19.07.        243€  (270€)
20.07. – 19.08.        270€  (300€)
20.08. – 14.09.       243€  (270€)
15.09. – 15.10.          216€  (240€)

Towable tube       30€ per day
Skipper                  80€ (8 hours)

The indicated prices refer to the daily boat rental.
The price of fuel is excluded from the price of the boat. 
At the end of each trip, customers are charged for the fuel depending on the amount spent during the trip.

All the trips are informational characters and serve only as an idea for the customers to organize their boat trips.

By booking online you get a 10% discount on the total price*